Le Beat du Coeur | Peter Golding

le beat du cour
beat du coeur story
The Story

Paris: Peter adventured to Paris with his artist pal Mike Kay after giving up a secure position in the clothing world as a factory manager and found himself living in the now infamous Beat Hotel and experiencing the freedoms of the French Anglo American scene and its creative atmosphere of the 60s which has had a lasting influence on his life and music.

Le Beat du Coeur

Inspired by life in Beat Hotel, Paris

Dr Jazz

Party Ce Soir sous Le Pont Neuf.

San Francisco Bay Blues

Learnt from Rambling Jack-Elliot via Davy Graham.

In the Evening

Je passe dans le noir (Alex on guitar).

Sweet Georgia Brown

Hot Club du Trottoire. (Eddie on violin).

All of Me

Jazz au Club Rive Gauche. (PG-Scarlett Little Big Band).
in the evening lyrics

The beat hotel trailer

The Beat Hotel Trailer