Stretching the Blues | Peter Golding

Stretching_the_Blues front cover
stretching the blues back cover

Good Rocking Tonight

PG Dreaming… Band leader supreme… zoot suited in a New York 50’s hot spot or on the Ultimate Rhythm and Blues Cruise starts up the show and introduces the band.

Stretching The Blues

PG’s harmonica instrumental extravaganza, key changing, harmonica swapping, big band jump & swing!

Thanks To The Blues

PG took time to get the music & words just right with his personal tribute to the blues and its heritage & hard hitting 14 hole old style Marine Band harp. Otis Grand, the Grand Duke of Blues weaves his award-winning guitar around the melody. Doris Troy, Lady of Soul sings real gospel into the blues.

Fashion Designer Blues

PG’s poke at the fashion world playing to the ‘catwalk paparazzi’ café society. Special Guest: Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats on drums. Special straight harp Jimmy Reed style. Brilliant violinist Eddie Gray – PG’s old café busking mate completes. The versatile Ed on lead telephone.

Burglar Jump

Great rhythm and T-Bone Walker guitar style from magic Ed Deane and PG’s words bring humour and lovin’ feelings to Rhythm & Blues with big chromatic harp style.

Treasure Of The Blues

Jimmy Golding delivers his own minor key blues composition with heartfelt words and scorching Les Paul guitar emphasing his positive attitude to the blues and unique vocal identity. Gary Baldwin’s Hammond completes.

The Stumble

An instrumental tribute to our alltime favourite who inspired a whole world of guitarists. Complete with new approach stumble horn arrangements by Pete Thomas and stumble harmonica followed by the classic guitar respects from Ed, Jimmy and Alex. We love you, Freddie.

Crucify Me

Alex Golding sings and produces his own composition with his special spirit and direction – plus monumental Fender guitar – both slide and regular tuning

Living In A Memory

Mike Sanchez, the British rhythm and blues piano giant of the Big Town Playboys, soulfully sings and plays inspirations of Ray Charles and Charles Brown with his own special identity as well as swapping piano and guitar riffs with Ed Deane

Chatanoogie Shoe Shine Boy

PG used to busk this on guitar and harmonica on the Paris streets a long long time ago… so now again… street meets Rockabilly with Slim Jim again plus Ian Jennings, great stand-up bass player from the Big Town Playboys. Otis jumps in to add his inimitable support.

Pete’s Bop

The boys customary jam session inspired by Gary’s presence with overtones of Hammond influences – Jimmy McGriff/Jimmy Smith and title gesture to both Petes

Blues In The Night/Train

PG’s ‘favourite’ singer April de Silva breathlessly delivers the words Jessica Rabbit style. Humungous blend by brilliant arranger and horn section leader Peter Thomas of two great PG favourites ‘Mama Done Told Me’ and ‘Night Train’. Plus a first ‘Blues In The Night’ on the mouth organ by PG

Good Rocking Tonight Finale

Band leader PG closes the show and says good night to the audience…