From I Love Jeans Instagram story (2020):
Denim designer & veteran @petergolding_ace Peter Golding, known as
“the Eric Clapton of denim”, shows his own collection of denim he designed, manufactured & loves to wear.

Peter shows us the first ever ‘stretch jean’ he designed in 1978 and The Rock Fit’ jean in the early 80’s. Stocked in his Kings Road shop called ACE, he dressed a plethora of famous people including The Rolling Stones and Guns & Roses. These jeans fast became a bestseller globally.
Keep watching till the end and you’ll see original hand stitched denim pieces from ACE shop 1975 -85.
I’m very grateful to @petergolding_ace to share his experience and life with us as we get to see his love for denim authenticity.
Sit back and enjoy!