Inspirational Times brings together for the first time the largest single collection of Grand Master Rick Griffin’s work. British designers Michael English and Nigel Waymouth’s (Hapshash) pioneering silkscreen techniques are well represented, together with Martin Sharpe, Mike McInnerney, and others.

The Collection features artwork by key American protagonists of the artform including Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley, Gary Grimshaw, David Singer, Randy Tuten, Dennis Larkin, Victor Moscoso and Wes Wilson. Artwork created for The Grateful Dead is widely represented.

An important part of Inspirational Times is its Uncut Posters and Printing Plates collection which is probably the largest of its kind and goes deep into the heart of Rock & Roll. Early Beat influences and The Diggers are also included as important aspects of the cultural movement.

“Inspirational Times represents more than a collection of outstanding artists’ work...
Their inspiration and commitment is viewed as an integral part of this unique cultural and artistic moment… It is the politics of the street that inspires and drives the real creative changes…
To be remembered forever….” PG


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